Artisanal farming and winemaking!

Penelope Roche writes: “Deep roots in French tradition nourish our shared passion for soils, vines and wine. Dedicated to natural, artisanal farming and winemaking, we strive to reveal the intimate relation of wine and terroir.

Each of our wines is the expression of one place, one exceptional Okanagan terroir. Hands-on farming is our first priority, and this artisanal scale is reflected in the very limited quantities produced.  We strive to make wines of ever greater clarity and precision.”

It was an interesting afternoon at the vineyard with Dylan, Penelope and their children (and their wonderful dog, Baccus).  Listening to their life story and their passion for the wines, while getting their kids to run up and down a dirt road for an image I’ve had in my mind for years, was a highlight of our month. 

We were there to add to their photo library for their promotional work and website.